With the Motorola Moto X(2014) we are getting a 5.2-inch AMOLED display running at 1080p, a customized Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5GHz, 2GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel camera, and a 2300mAh battery. The device measures 72.4 x 140.8mm (~2.85 x 5.54-inches) and the width ranges from 3.8 mm (0.15-inches) at the edge to 9.9mm (0.39-inches) at in the middle, and it will weigh 144 g (5.08oz). Sadly, the back logo is not a button, although it does look like one.

However, according to the Moto X(2014) supported video formats, it supports only videos in limited formats: MP4, WMV, H.264, H.263, so the Moto X(2014) will not open or read MKV video files directly. Some guys suggest installing a media player app for Moto X(2014), but it’s a pity like the popular video player MXplayer still can’t handle MKV video files. Here fast and easy solution is to convert MKV to Moto X(2014) compatible format via a third-party software. We highly recommend UFUWare HD Video Converter, which can convert MKV videos to Moto X(2014) supported format for playback.

How to convert MKV videos to Moto X(2014) supported format?

Step 1. Free download, install UFUWare HD Video Converter, and lanuch it.

Free Download HD Video Converter for Mac Free Download HD Video Converter

Step 2. Laod MKV video files.

Click the “Add Video” to your MKV videos to the MKV to Moto X(2014) Converter.

MKV to Moto X(2014) Converter

Step 3. Choose output format.

Click “Profile” bar to choose Moto X(2014) supported video format.

If your MKV video files are 1080p or above 1080p resolution, choose “HD H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video(*.mp4)” from “HD Video” category.

If your MKV video files are 720p or lower resolution, choose “H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (*.mp4)” from “General Video” category.

Convert videos to Moto X(2014) MP4

Tips: Click “Settings” button to adjust video and audio parameters like bitrate, size, audio channels, etc to meet your requirement. For example, you can set video size to “1920*1080″ to fit Moto X(2014)’s 5.2-inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution screen.

Step 4. Convert MKV to Moto X(2014) MP4.

Click the “Convert” button to start converting MKV videos to Moto X(2014) support MP4 or HD MP4 format.

After the conersion completed, click “Open Folder” button to get the generated .mp4 files, and transfer them to Moto X(2014). Just enjoy it!

Tip: If you want to play Blu-ray movies on Moto X(2014), you can rip Blu-ray movies to Moto X(2014) supported format MP4.